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Professionalism, independence and discretion in mergers and acquisitions.

Document: Earnouts in M&A transacties

Document: Compuboek

The company was founded by Michel Hendrickx, and has been the driving force behind succesful takeovers of SME’s and family owned businesses for over 25 years, thanks to the structured approach and the professional management of the complete transaction process, whilst maintaining full independence and a very discreet profile.

At the national level H&S & Partners enlist specialised professionals to provide you with a greater scope in service and a faster realisation of projects.

H&S & Partners has been constituting a growing network of private equity partners, high net worth individuals, financial and industrial groups, who are looking for profitable investment opportunities on a permanent basis.

H&S & Partners relies on a specialised network of M&A professionals, lawyers, CPA’s and groups of entrepreneurs, primarily in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Eastern Europe for cross-border transactions.

H&S & Partners, A. Peutermanstraat 10, 8560 Wevelgem – Belgium
T +32 56 42 13 70 – F +32 56 42 48 30